Bead embroidery haute-couture

Under the direction of Mr. Vuillaume, the embroiderers work on testing innovative designs for new samples of beaded embroidery. Imagination has no limits in haute couture as elsewhere. The creation of 3D structures is possible, as is the use of tubes laid upright with a needle. The mixture of forms and materials on a beaded work can allow the birth of new emotions. Atypical ways are also exploited such as the use of wood bark combined with Swarovski © stones.

Embroidery Haute-couture 3D Laying of tubes standing on the needle, vermicelli pearls, feathers, frilly tulle.

Research and innovation


Atypical embroidery with wood bark, raffia flowers, knot stitch, Swarovski stones.

The VUILLAUME workshop, founded in 1850, is one of the oldest embroidery workshops in France. It perpetuates the know-how of embroidery for the most prestigious Houses of Haute-Couture, Ready-to-Wear and Accessories.

Endless inspiration

Beaded embroidery sets the tone and frees the inspiration. All motifs, all materials, all supports are possible and provide an infinite dimension in the making of creations with an exceptional level of precision and detail.

Embroidery with gathered organza, tubes, sequins, beads, bowls, cannetille, laminette chain. Feather fan motif



Fabric application, fancy embroidery, silk chain, vermicelli of spangled sequins, laying of sparkles

The VUILLAUME workshop masters most of the embroidery stitches in order to be able to realize any imagined design, using beads, tubes, feathers and sequins. The embroiderers work on the workshop’s own creations or as subcontractors for prestigious haute couture houses.