Haute-Couture Embroidery

Embroidery in all its forms and an exemplary quality of execution make the Maison Vuillaume a reference, the guardian of a unique French know-how in the luxury sector. Renowned in haute couture for the accuracy of its work, the workshop’s small hands know how to divert traditional embroidery in order to transmit a particular emotion to a dress or an accessory. Finesse, relief, brilliance: innovation and modernity are only limited by the imagination of the designers.

Crochet from Lunéville, embroidery, samples, embroidery loom, Haute-couture. Beads, sequins, bowls.

Crochet sewing technique

Needlepoint technique

Luxe Embroidery - Raised flowers, blue lopho beads and black balls in Lunéville and needlepoint. Bourdon stitch and rich stitch.
Japan ball braid, tulle and gold laminate. French know-how, art embroidery. Made in France.

Handmade technique

Birth of an embroidery work

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